Thanks for your interest in attending S&I DJ School.


I'm Kieran Broadmoor, the owner of S&I DJ School.

First let me explain how the classes are conducted.

I ONLY teach SAM Broadcaster. There are many programs which will stream your music to the internet and to SL, but I find SAM has the best capabilities to meet the needs of most DJs in SL.

The classes are conducted in the following way -

First we get into a skype call and I have you share your screen so I can talk you through every aspect of SAM Broadcaster that you need.

I then go through the following:

  • Loading music into SAM

  • Editing song titles as needed

  • Building/Saving/Retrieving a playlist

  • Using the queue to play your songs

  • What each button does in the decks

  • Adjusting EQ to make your music sound better

  • Using the Voice FX to talk on the air

  • Adjusting the EQ for your mic

  • Setting up your encoder

  • Testing the encoder

Once we have your encoder installed, we will come back into SL and test the music and voice to make sure it's all in place and working correctly.

The classes generally take about 2.5 hours, give or take (depending on how quickly you can pick it all up. I never rush the class or keep a stop watch running. We're done when we're done and only when you have an understanding of what you need.

I recognize that EVERYONE will have questions. No one ever picks up and retains it all in one class. Therefore, after the class, if you EVER have a question, you're always welcome to IM me and we'll get you sorted out at no additional charge. (Tips are always appreciated tho)

I've been using SAM Broadcaster for about 10 years, so most questions can be handled pretty quickly.

The cost for the class is 2600 L$ (Linden dollars). If it's more convenient for you, I can also take payment via paypal at $10.00. (more info on request) You may also purchase a voucher to give as a gift for someone else to take a class.

Finally, since I don't work in RL, I can generally do the class at your convenience. Of course, RL does rear its ugly head occasionally, and if I have a class or set scheduled, I obviously can't do a class then.

S&I DJ School is located on the
Jirina SIM in Second Life.
Come visit and see what it would take to become a DJ in 
Second Life.
It's easier than you might think.


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